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western style kintsugi


I had the privilege of studying Traditional Kintsugi in Japan for a short time. It was a meaningful and memorable experience. I knew, however, that this laborious, reverent process would take years to master. While I might continue to practice and attempt this process on a very worthy object, the time and cost of materials was not something I could often afford. I worked to develop a process that was less costly, more accessible, and with less wait time between steps without the need for special equipment that would monitor temperature and humidity. This process is by no means a one and done. It takes time and some practice and I am still changing and perfecting the technique. Finished work, while water resistant, is not food safe for liquids at this time. I continue to research alternative materials with the goal of making the repair completely food safe. The gold powder I am using is an alternative to real gold, and is purchased from Japan. The examples below pay homage to traditional Kintsugi and adapts steps and aspects of that process in a non traditional way. It is not traditional Kintsugi, as it has been practiced and perfected in Japan for centuries. Most ceramic work including wood fired ware can be repaired in this method. Should you be interested in repair of your broken ware, I will give you an honest assessment as to whether I feel my process would be appropriate, and to the cost. If you interested in learning my method please visit the workshops page for more information. Please contact me at with your inquiry. 

The work of Deb Heid
Soda fired bowl with Kintsugi repair
The work of Deb Heid
Yunomi with Western Style Kintsugi repair
Ice blue copper blush bowl with kintsugi
Work of Yongmi Kim
Anagama Fired Chawan with Kintsugi repair
koi fish wiith luster powder 1
B wood kintsugi yunomi
Work of Dan Greenfield with Kintsugi repair
Kintsugi bowl
Carbon trap soda fired Ochoko with Kintsugi repair
Ceramic work of Deb Heid
ceramic work of Dan Greenfield
Ceramic work of Deb Heid
Ceramic work of Yongmi Kim 
ceramic work of Deb Heid
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